The Bulls Head Callington – Covid – 19 rule update.

As of today – 22/09/2020, we have started to introduce the latest Covid RULES!

In line with the government announcement today, the following rules with be in place and adhered to. There will be no exceptions.

We accept that the tone of this message is firm but the latest announcements are law! Hefty fines can and will be issued to anyone or any business flouting the law. When they talk of using the army to back up police, you realise the seriousness of the new rules!

Registration upon arrival is still required: As before we comply with GDPR rules and thank you for your understanding.

Opening hours: 11am ’till 10pm 7 days a week. Last orders will be called at 9.30pm. You must leave the premises by 10pm sharp. As always, we have plastic glasses should you require them.

Maximum group numbers: The maximum group size is 6 regardless!

NO STANDING – at the bar or otherwise! All customers must be seated and should not approach the bar. Table service will be provided.

Groups of 6! This applies both indoors and out. Please do not congregate in the passage way by the toilets to smoke. Move into the yard and keep your group numbers at 6 or less. We would ask you to be mindful of our neighbours, please no loud banter.

Lets all stay safe for us and our families and friends.

Thank you

Food Service.

For now, we are only serving food on Thursday’s, Friday’s, Saturdays and Sundays (Roast dinner only on Sundays)

Food is served between 11am – 3pm and 6pm – 8.30pm. There is no evening service on Sunday’s.

Maximum capacity: 30 This includes outdoor customers and staff.

Registration: Should an outbreak occur, we need a fast way to allow contract tracers to make contact. Your personal details will be collected and stored for a period of 21 days. This may be electronically or manually following the GDPR guidelines to keep your information safe, this information will be shared with authorities only if an outbreak occurs. To reflect the sensitive nature of the information, we have upgraded our web site to include a security certificate (HTTPS://)

Access: We will follow the one door in and one door out process. Queuing is not advised, however, if you do queue please do not block the entrance/exits to any other business and make sure other members of the public can pass within the distancing measures.

There will be no:

  • Live music
  • Newspapers
  • Shared games
  • Happy hour
  • Loyalty cards

For the foreseeable future, children will not be permitted.

Seating: Every customer must be seated at the tables provided! There will be no standing or seating at the bar. The tables and chairs provided must not be moved. Tables must be at least 1 meter apart and no more than 6 guests are permitted at any one table.

Glasses: Clean glasses will be provided for each drink ordered – you will not be able to use the same glass.

Sanitisation: Hand sanitiser will be provided for your use. Tables, bars and toilet areas will be sanitised at regular intervals. Please play your part in these essential routines.

Ordering: The preferred method of ordering is via our simple to use App which can be accessed via any smart phone, on our web site or via our Facebook page. No downloads are required. Access the App here. Welcome to our online booking and ordering app

Payment: The preferred method of payment is contactless.

Toilets: The toilets will be cleaned regularly and recorded.

It’s a new world and we are looking for your support to minimise the risk of spreading Covid-19! These new rules will hopefully be temporary, we will adapt them as and when we can but it is paramount that we operate in a safe way.

The rules are not there to be broken! If you cannot abide by them, you will be asked to leave and not return. The rules will be enforced.

To be able to operate in a safe way, we need your cooperation. Please respect others, this includes the staff, who are not there to negotiate with you! Staff decisions are final.

It’s been a long dry 3 months and we have missed you but not so much that we want to die!

Please be respectful and adhere to the rules.

Thank you for your understanding and keeping you and us safe.

The Bulls Head Team x