3rd May Quiz results

This weeks quiz was based on a points system. 1 point for correct answers and some bonus points thrown in for good measure which enabled some high scores.

It was amazing to see the power of advertising in the vintage ad round. Almost every team got the “JR Hartley” question (yellow pages) which was aired 37 years ago (1983) there was 100 point bonus for guessing the correct year.

The winners are:

Remotely isolated with a staggering 178 points. Well done your champers is on the way.

Congratulations Remotely isolated.

Knocked off the top spot were Cornwall Blues with 174

and third are Dippy Dawe with 173

Thank you to all teams who played this week. The quiz along with all other quizzes are still playable so if you missed the official timing please feel free to try your hand. You can access the quizzes via the main menu.

Until next week, please stay safe.

Tracy x

PointsTime takenTeam Name
155 Points23 minutes 48 secondsThe famous five
47 Points36 minutes 10 secondsThe Chandlers
45 Points50 minutes 28 secondsskitta non quizers
68 Points20 minutes 1 secondsGraber Gough’s
173 Points1 hours 8 minutes 52 secondsDippy Dawe
48 Points37 minutes 26 secondsFrogwell Bray
166 Points24 minutes 54 secondsLatchley lockdowns
68 Points35 minutes 25 secondsThe Wheldons
118 Points10 minutes 43 secondsWoodys
60 Points33 minutes 17 secondsraphaels
24 Points13 minutes 13 secondsJust me
47 Points22 minutes 56 secondsAlf and michala bored at home
50 Points37 minutes 47 secondsJust us
150 Points12 minutes 27 secondsRich and Natalie
59 Points29 minutes 53 secondsex-Yateley
156 Points29 minutes 14 secondsChris\’ dad
171 Points30 minutes 23 secondsMac
164 Points35 minutes 18 secondsTwinz Inc
69 Points29 minutes 28 secondsThick n Thin
30 Points28 minutes 58 secondsStrips
174 Points36 minutes 31 secondsCornwall Blues
57 Points32 minutes 0 secondsBrowsers
178 Points55 minutes 35 secondsRemotely isolated
72 Points42 minutes 30 secondsMore Gin Please
37 Points50 minutes 26 secondsThe Dog House
148 Points22 minutes 57 secondsAdrian Sampson
54 Points25 minutes 33 secondsThe Foxes
29 Points9 minutes 14 secondsAbi
126 Points22 minutes 19 secondsSarah coakley
64 Points21 minutes 50 secondsTigerKings

2 thoughts on “3rd May Quiz results

  • 4th May 2020 at 11:00 am

    Did I do something wrong? 😢😢
    My results weren’t published with the others. Was I disqualified? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    OR do you just not lile me anymore? 😢🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    (love you, Tracy 💛)

    • 4th May 2020 at 11:16 am

      we have no record of your results!
      Did you submit the answers?
      Still like you though x

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