06/06/20 Bulls Head weekly quiz

Welcome to 06/06/20 Bulls Head weekly quiz

Team Name

General Knowledge.

In The Children's Television Show, Which Teletubby Loves To Wear His Hat

2. In Classical Music, In Which European City Did The Composer Chopin Die?
3. How Many Adrenal Glands Are There In The Human Body?
4. In The Animal Kingdom, The 'Black Norfolk' Is A Breed Of What?
5. In Ancient History, Latium Was An Area In The Central Part Of Which European Country?
6. What Was The First Name Of The English Explorer Captain Scott Who Died In The Antarctic?
7. The Election For The President Of The United States Of America Is Held Once Every How Many Years?
8. In The Animal Kingdom, The Gibbon Is Native To Which Continent?
9. Which Desert Covers Much Of North-West Africa?
10. Which State In America Is The Biggest Oil Producer?
11. In Medicine, Which Organ Is Affected By Bright's Disease?
12. What 'A' Is The Name Given To The Female Superior Of A Nunnery Or Convent?
13. The San Andreas Fault Runs For Over 600 Miles Across Which American State?
14. Good Morning Starshine' And 'Aquarius' Are Songs From Which 1960s Musical?
15. In Clothing, What L Is The Folded-Back Continuation Of A Jacket Collar?
16. In Politics, What 'R' Means To Formally Approve Or Confirm Something?
17. In Which Handel Oratorio Does The Hallelujah Chorus Appear?
18. In Science, What 'C' Is Used To Speed Up Chemical Reactions, Without Itself Changing?
19. In The Title Of A Shakespeare Play, What Creature Is Being Tamed?
20. In Film, Kathy Bates Starred As The Unsinkable Molly Brown In Which James Cameron Movie?

Food & Drink.

What is the name of the film which forms on the side of good old port?

22. The name of which profession closely associated with wine stems from an old word meaning 'pack animal driver'?
23. What were the two handled ceramic vases called that ancient Greeks and Romans used to store wine in?
24. At the beginning of the film Casablanca, what is Rick drowning his sorrows with?
25. Which kind of red wine did H Lector enjoy with human liver?
26. A word for wine that has been spiced and heated?
27. Which Asian bread, meaning 'bread' when translated , is a relative of our flat, pita like bread?
28. What was the name of the boy in 'About a boy' who accidently kills a duck with a loaf of his mothers home made bread?
29. Which coarsely ground rye bread means translated 'devils fart' or 'fart boy'?
30. What is the name of the two-coloured oblong cake covered in almond paste?


What Creatures Were Frequently Used To Bleed Patients In The Nineteenth Century

32. What Do You Call A Group Of Kangeroos?
33. What Animal Is A Skua?
34. What Is Also Known As The Freshwater Lobster?
35. What Animal Is A Chester White?
36. What Colour Is The Australian Swan?
37. Which Creature Had 2 Rows Of Plates Running Down It's Neck, Back & Tail Culminating In Large Spikes At The End?
38. To Which Order Of Mammals Does The Beaver Belong?
39. Apart From Humans There Is Only One Other Creature That Has Sex For Pleasure Can You Name It?
40. What Is The Only Animal That Cant Stick Out Its Tongue?


In Judo What Colour Belt Follows Yellow?
42. In Which Country Is Lazio Football Club?
43. What Country Do The Football Team Benfica Come From?
44. Which Toy Was Originally Called The 'Pluto Platter' When It Was First Sold In 1955?
45. What Name Is Given To The Last Man On A Tug Of War Team?
46. Which U.S. Athlete Won 4 Gold Medals At The 1984 Olympic Games?
47. In Which Sport Does Play Commence With A Tip Off?
48. From What Country Does The Keep Fit Discipline Of Yoga Originate?
49. With Which Sport Will You Associate Brendan Foster?
50. Nelli Kim Was An Olympic Star In Which Sport?

Thanks for playing this week. Hope you had fun?

Please stay safe.

Tracy x

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