14/06/2020 Bulls Head Quiz

Welcome to 14/06/2020 Bulls Head Quiz

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1. In Ancient History, The Gods Horus, Apis And Hathor Were From Which Country
2. Which Is A Type Of Dog Who's Name Is Derived From The Latin Word For 'Ground'
3. In The Human Body, Is The Epidermis Beneath Or Above The Dermis
4. In Pop Music, The British Band Manic Street Preachers Are From Which Country
5. With Which Sport Would You Primarily Associate The Promoter Don King
6. In Pop Music, The Queen Song 'We Will Rock You' Was Re-Released By Which Band In 2000
7. In Which County Is The Coastal Resort Of Aldeburgh
8. Which Ancient Greek Wrote, In His Classic Text Named Politics, That 'Man Is By Nature A Political Animal'
9. What Is The Usual Name For The Animal And Its Fur Also Known As Cony
10. Felipe Gonzales Was Prime Minister Of Which European Country From 1982 To 1996
11. Which Ancient Greek Philosopher Wrote The Philosophical Dialogue The Phaedo
12. Lake Eyre Is Found In Which Country
13. Which German City, Firebombed In 1945, Is Associated With Fine Porcelain
14. In Which Modern Country Is 'Thessaloniki'
15. King Charles XVI Gustaf Is Monarch Of Which European Country
16. In Opera, What Was The First Name Of The Twentieth-Century Tenor Caruso
17. What Kind Of Creature Is A Marlin
18. In Nature, Which Garden Plant Is Named After The Swedish Botanist Anders Dahl
19. In Food, What Is The Name Of The Spanish Chilled Soup Containing Tomatoes And Garlic
20. In Dressmaking, Which D Describes A Stitched Fold Of Material Tapered To A Narrow Point
21. With Which Sport Would You Associate The Portuguese Sportsman Eusebio
22. In Which European Country Is The Resort Of Antibes
23. In Carpentry, 'Countersunk', 'Raised Head And 'Round Head' Are Types Of What
24. In Chess, Which Piece Can Legally Move Diagonally
25. In The Animal Kingdom, Are Polar Bears Native To The Arctic Or The Antarctic
26. Which Cartoon Character Is Famous For Eating Spinach
27. What year Albert Einstein Announce His Special Theory Of Relativity
28. In Nature, Which Y Is An Evergreen Tree Widely Associated With Immortality And Life After Death
29. Which Sport Did Mike Gatting Play For England
30. In Judaism What Is The Hebrew Word For 'Proper'
31. Which Italian City Is Home To Statues Of David By Donatello And Michelangelo
32. On An Ordnance Survey Map, What Does 'Ms' Stand For
33. What Gas Is Added To Soft Drinks To Make Them Fizzy
34. In Maths, Which Semi-Circular Plastic Instrument Is Used For Measuring Angles
35. Which Dictator, Executed By Partisans In 1945 Was Known As 'Ii Duce'
36. Which Of These Cities Is Further From London By Plane Harare Or Havana
37. In Food, Is Chervil A Spice Or A Herb
38. The Epcot Center Is A Tourist Attraction In Which American State
39. A Variety Of Which Cereal Plant Produces Corn On The Cob Or Sweetcorn
40. What Is Another Name For The Chemical Element Mercury

Thanks for playing this week. Hope you had fun?

Please stay safe.

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3 thoughts on “14/06/2020 Bulls Head Quiz

  • 14th June 2020 at 6:36 pm

    Got marked wrong but right answer just more persist on 3 questions so technically only got 2 wrong but good quiz

    • 14th June 2020 at 6:39 pm

      Possibly on this answer?


  • 15th June 2020 at 1:21 pm

    Just Thick answering this time! Not bad 🤣


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