21/06/2020 Bulls Head Quiz – better late than never. But hey it is Fathers Day!

Welcome to 21/06/2020 Bulls Head Quiz - better late than never. But hey it is Fathers Day!

Team Name
1. In History, Was 'Bull-Leaping' A Popular Sport In Crete Or Majorca
2. In The UK, What Are The First Two Letters In The Chelmsford Postcode
3. With What Sport Would You Associate Australian Greg Norman
4. In Which Country Was The Novelist And Playwright Samuel Beckett Born
5. What Is The British Word For The Part Of A Railway That Americans Call 'Switches'
6. In Botany, What P Is The Stalk Of A Leaf Called
7. In Education, Homerton College Of Education Is Part Of Which British University
8. In The Doh, Ray, Me Musical Scale, Which Note Proceeds 'Soh'
9. Which Fruit Has Varieties Called Granny Smith, Golden Delicious And Gala
10. Which British City Is The Home Of The Liver Building
11. Which BBC Radio Station Was The First To Broadcast Nationally 24 Hours A Day
12. What Part Of The Body Is Adontophobia A Fear Of
13. In Gardening, 'Mrs Popple' Is A Variety Of Which Flower
14. What Is The Nationality Of Former World Darts Champion Raymond Van Barneveld
15. Does The Atlantic Ocean Lie Off The East Or The West Coast Of South America
16. In Chemistry, Which Gaseous Element Has The Smaller Atomic Weight, Hydrogen Or Oxygen
17. Is The 'Wormwood' A Type Of Plant Or A Type Of Insect
18. In Celtic Folklore, Which 'B' Is A Spirit Whose Screaming Is Feared As An Omen Of Impending Death
19. Last Christmas And Club Tropicana Were Hits For Which 1980s Pop Group
20. What Word Can Mean Both A Joint Of Ham And A German White Wine
21. In Equestrian Sport, The 'Pommel', 'Cantle' And 'Girth' Are All Part Of What
22. Which Of These Islands Is The Largest Greenland Or New Guinea
23. Kemal Ataturk Was The First President Of Which Country
24. How Many Atoms Of Oxygen Are There In One Molecule Of Water
25. In Which Year Of The 1980s Was Black Monday In Britain
26. Which State In The Us Is Nicknamed Badger State
27. In Which Us State Is The Volcano Mount St Helen's
28. The Name Of Which Flying Dinosaurs Comes From The Greek For 'Wing' And 'Finger'
29. Which Surname Is Shared By The Actors Hugh And Richard E
30. In Pop Music, 'Baggy Trousers' And 'It Must Be Love' Were Top Ten Hits For Which Group
31. In Eighteenth-Century Britain, The Tories Were One Of The Main Political Parties. What Was The Other
32. What H Is The Word Describing A Plant Which Dies To Soil Level In Winter
33. How Many Feet Are There In Ten Yards
34. In Which Month Is Europe Day Celebrated
35. Which Country Was Known As The Dutch East Indies Until 1945
36. What Is The Largest Bone In The Human Body
37. The Lotus Flower Is The National Symbol Of Which Asian Country
38. Which Island In San Francisco Bay Was The Site Of A Maximum Security Federal Prison From 1934 To 1963
39. Athletes From Which Country Traditionally Lead The Parade At The Opening Of The Olympic Games
40. In The Animal Kingdom, The Whydah Is A Bird From Which Continent

Thanks for playing this week. Hope you had fun?

Please stay safe.

Tracy x

One thought on “21/06/2020 Bulls Head Quiz – better late than never. But hey it is Fathers Day!

  • 21st June 2020 at 10:51 pm

    if i could spell i would of got more hahaaha… hope you wiped your kitchen down after lol xx. thanks for doing this quiz xx


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