28/06/2020 Pub quiz

Welcome to 28/06/2020 Pub quiz

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1. In Geography, The Island Of Madeira Is In Which Ocean
2. What Name Is Given To The Art Of Inducing Plants To Produce Flowers Or Fruit Before Their Normal Season
3. In Food, Malt Vinegar Is Made From Which Alcoholic Liquid
4. In 1959, Which Country Was The First To Land A Man-Made Object On The Moon
5. In The International Phonetic Alphabet, If A Is Alpha And Z Is Zulu, What Is P
6. What Metal Is Mixed With Copper To Make Brass
7. In 1966, Britain's First Safari Park Was Established In The Grounds Of Which House
8. By What Name Was Thailand Known Before 1939
9. In Politics, What International Organisation Was Set Up After The Signing Of The North Atlantic Treaty In 1949
10. In Food, An 'Aitchbone' Is A Cut Of Which Meat
11. From Which Country Did The USA Acquire Florida In 1819
12. In The JRR Tolkien Novel, What Type Of Creature Is Bilbo Baggins
13. Which Fruit Is Used To Make The Type Of Brandy Known As Calvados
14. What Is The Capital Of Colombia
15. In What Year Did Greece Join The European Community, Now Called The European Union
16. Which Welsh City Is The Home Of The Millennium Stadium
17. In Which Year Did Badminton Become A Medal Sport In The Olympic Games
18. Which State Covers The Greatest Area Of Land In The USA
19. Is The Scientific Symbol Of A Female A Circle With A Cross Or With An Arrow
20. Is The Tropic Of Cancer North Or South Of The Equator
21. In Nature, What 'A' Is The Tip Of The Stamen That Produces The Pollen Grains In A Plant
22. In The UK, Are 0345 Telephone Numbers Charged At Local Or National Rates
23. Complete The Title Of The Cole Porter Song. 'Lets Do...' What
24. In Television Timothy West Played Bradley Hardacre In Which Comedy Series Of The 1980s
25. In A US Postal Address, 'MN' Is The Abbreviation For Which State
26. What 'M' Is A Large Tent, Or A Canopy Over The Entrance To A Building
27. In Cookery, When Using A Pestle And Mortar, Which Is The Bowl
28. Are There More Or Fewer Than Four Litres In One Gallon
29. The Names Of Two US States End With The Letter 'T' Vermont Is One, Name The Other
30. What Colour Is A Youth Hostel Triangle On An Ordnance Survey Map
31. What Colour Is The Star Of David On The Israeli Flag
32. In The Animal Kingdom, Albacore Is A Variety Of Which Edible Fish
33. Hamburg And Hanover Are Cities In Which Country
34. Does The Pacific Ocean Lie Off The East Or The West Of South America
35. In How Many Rocky Films Has Sylvester Stallone Appeared
36. In Which English City Is The Central School Of Speech And Drama
37. Until 1918, Austria Was Joined In A Dual Monarchy With Which Country
38. In Science, Does Alkaline Soil Have A 'PH' Level Greater Or Less Than 6 Or 7
39. Which Animal Has The Latin Name Bufo Bufo: A Toad Or A Cat
40. In Which Year Was The Berlin Wall Erected

Thanks for playing this week. Hope you had fun?

Please stay safe.

Tracy x

2 thoughts on “28/06/2020 Pub quiz

  • 29th June 2020 at 3:37 pm

    Improving slowly. Lol! Thank you once again and all the best for the reopening.

    • 30th June 2020 at 7:40 pm

      You did ok this week


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