31May 2020

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General Knowledge.

How Many Lines Has A Sonnet

2. What Is The Collective Name For A Group Of Crows
3. What Is A Female Donkey Called?
4. In 'The Last Of The Summer Wine' What Was Nora Batty's Husband Called
5. What Is The Name Of A Three-Dimensional Image Created By A Laser Beam
6. Crick, Watson & Wilkins Determined And Confirmed The Structure Of What?
7. How Many Stars Appear On The Flag Of New Zealand
8. By What Name Does Trigger Call Rodney In TV's 'Only Fools And Horses'
9. What Is The More Common Name For 'Iron Pyrites'
10. The Horn Of A Rhino Is Made Of What
11. In Food, Which Meat Is Traditionally Used For The Italian Dish 'Assobuco'?
12. What Was The Name Of The First Computer To Beat A World Chess Champion?
13. Which Small Fruit Is Named After A New Zealand Bird That Cannot Fly?
14. How Many Stripes Are There On The Flag Of Estonia
15. The Pilgrims In Chaucer's Canterbury Tales Were Travelling To Canterbury From Where?
16. In Geography, Abuja Is The Capital Of Which African Nation
17. In Maths, What 'A' Is The Highest Point Of A Solid Relative To Its Base?
18. What Are The First Two Letters In The Belfast Postcode
19. In Literature, What Was The First Name Of The Poet C Day Lewis?
20. The Flesh Of Which Animal Does A 'Hippophagist' Eat?

Food and Drink.

Which Brand Of Pizza Was Also The Title Of A 1990 Movie

22. Which Fruit Has The Scientific Name Of Malus Pumulia.
23. How Many Herbs And Spices Are Used In Kentucky Fried Chicken
24. Laetrile Is Associated With The Pit Of Which Fruit
25. What Fruits Are Usually Served 'Belle Helene'
26. Which Soft Drink Was Invented By The Nicholls Family Of Wythenshawe, Near Manchester, During The 1900's And Is Sold In Both Still And Sparkling Forms?
27. The Prongs On A Fork Are Actually Known As What?
28. The Vanilla Plant Is Native To Which Country?
29. If Wine Is Made From Grapes What Is Tequila Made From?
30. This drink is made from espresso coffee, steamed milk and chocolate.

Science & Technology.

What Name Is Given To The Liquid Part Of The Blood

32. In The Periodic Table What Element Has The Symbol Cu
33. What Name Is Given To The Process By Which A Liquid Is Turned Into A Gas?
34. What Piece Of Computer Hardware Connects A Computer To The Internet?
35. What Is The Name Of The Galaxy Within Which Planet Earth Is Located?
36. In What Year Did Man First Step Foot On The Moon?
37. Which microchip, produced by Intel in 1993, could process about 9 million computer instructions per second?
38. Which American Computer Company Developed The First Word Processor In 1965?
39. Which Letter Is Between G And J On A Standard British Computer Keyboard?
40. What Does The Letter C Stand For In The Computer Term Ascii?


In Sport, By What Name Is Taxophily Better Known

50. In Which Sport Did Paul Palmer Represent Great Britain At The Sydney 2000 Olympics?
51. What Colour Is The Background To The Olympic Flag?
52. How Many Track And Field Events Make Up The Heptathlon?
53. Which Country Won The Women's Olympic Team Gold In Gymnastics In Every Games From 1952 To 1980?
54.  Females Competed In The Olympics For The First Time In Which Year?
55. The Modern Rules Of Which Sport Were Named After The Eighth Marquess Of Queensberry In 1867?
56. In The Sport Beach Volleyball, How Many Players Are There Per Team?
57. In Which Sport Would You Bully-Off?
58. Which Piece Of Sporting Equipment Weighs 4lbs 6oz?


Abuja Is The Capital Of Which African Nation?

60. What Colour Are The Geography Questions In The Game Trivial Pursuit?
61.  'Crest' And 'Breaker' Are Both Terms Used To Describe What?
62.  The Namib Desert Is In Which Continent?
63. The Island Of Madeira Is In Which Ocean?
64. Dunn's River Falls At Ocho Rios Is A Feature Of Which Island?
65.  The City Of Bristol Stands On Which River?
66. 'Kathmandu' Is The Capital Of Which Country?
67.  Latvia, Lithuania And Which Other Republic Make Up The Group Known As The Baltic States?
68. The Yellow Sea Is An Inlet Of Which Ocean

Thanks for playing this week. Hope you had fun?


Please stay safe.

Tracy x

6 thoughts on “31May 2020

  • 31st May 2020 at 5:28 pm

    I put 8 as New Zealand flags stars and says answers 4 but there are 4 red stars and 4 white stars? 8 in total

  • 31st May 2020 at 6:26 pm

    Brilliant quiz this week!!

    • 31st May 2020 at 8:13 pm

      Great score again, thanks for playing.
      Tracy x

  • 1st June 2020 at 10:06 am

    Great quiz again, but gutted that Fool’s Gold and Soviet Union (and not Russia) both marked as wrong!


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