Special Events

Callington is the home to many events throughout the year including The Honey Fair, Mayfest and Callington carnival.

Being right in town, we are the central hub for meeting your friends and family.

For most events, we hold a promotion on food and drink and where appropriate we run events to help keep your kids occupied.


Honey Fair.

The Honey Fair has it’s roots in the 13th Century, and has had a peppered past until the late 70’s when the Local Lions Club took over the running. It is now an annual event that attracts many hundreds of visitors and exhibitors. There is something for everyone including a fun fair.


Resurrected in 2012 the Callington Mayfest is a celebration of music and dance.

Callington Carnival.

A traditional carnival in ever sense of the word. The carnival is primarily organised by the Rotary Club and see’s hundreds of folk from the local communities come together.